Bow Shackles
Duplex Flat Webbing Slings
Endless Round Webbing Slings
Kenectic Recovery Straps
Leather or Warn Gloves
Portable Recovery Tracks
Recovery Kit
Recovery Safety Dampner Blanket
Recovery Snatch Block
Recovery Storage Bag
Winch Replacement Ropes
Cutting Discs
Emery Tapes
Grinding Discs
Grinding Stones
Mounted Points
Polishing Discs
Sanding Discs
Wire Wheels
FG Single Sided A Frame Ladder
FG Double Sided A Frame Ladder
FG Extension Ladder
FG Lean To Ladder
FG 3-IN-1 Combination Step Extension
FG Dual Purpose Ladder
FG 5-IN-1 Multi Purpose Step Extension
FG Wonder Ladder
Alu Single Sided A Frame Ladder
Alu Double Sided A Frame Ladder
Alu Extension Ladder
Alu Lean To Ladder
Alu 3-IN-1 Step Extension Ladder
Alu Dual Purpose Ladder
Alu 5-IN-1 Step Extension Ladder
Alu Wonder Ladder
Shelf Ladder
Mounty Steps
Moving Skates
Pallet Jacks Manual
Pallet Jacks Electric
Scaffolding Quicklock
Scaffolding Quickstage
Scaffolding Aluminium
Beer Crate Trolley
Customer Care Trolley
Single Cylinder Trolley
Double Cylinder Trolley
Drum Trolley
Drum Decanting Trolley
Folding Nose Trolley
Mineral Case Trolley
Sack Trolley
Store Truck
2 Tier Order Picking Trolley
3 Tier Order Picking Trolley
Platform Trolley
210L Shopping Trolley
140L Shopping Trolley
Double Basket Trolley Steel
Double Basket Trolley Plastic
Turntable Trolley
Mammoth Trolley
Chain Short Link Grade 30
Chain Short Link Grade 43
Chain Short Link Grade 80
Chain Long Link Grade 30
Chain Extra Long Link Grade 43
Chain Stainless Steel
Chain Connecting Links
Foundry Hook
Grab Hook
Self Locking Hooks
Sling Hooks
Oblong Master Link
Sub Assemblies
Shortening Clutches
Webbing Sling Connectors
Cargo Nets
Kernmantle Ropes
Polypropylene Ropes
Steel Flex Ropes
Nylon Ropes
Polyethylene Ski Ropes
Manilla Ropes
Sisal Ropes
Forestry Chain
Chain Connecting Links
Double Ended Chain Connectors
Logging Choker Hooks
Forestry Shortening Clutches
Forestry Steel Wire Rope
Carbon Steel Hooks
Carabine Hooks
Lifting Points Screwed Type Titan
Lifting Points Screwed Type X-Treme
Lifting Points Screwed Type XS
Lifting Points Weldable Type
Hand Chain Wheels
Gin Blocks
Pulley Blocks
Running Out Blocks
Sheave Wheels
Reeving Blocks
Snatch Blocks
Quick Links
Rigging Screws
Alloy Pin Bow Shackles
Alloy Pin Dee Shackles
Cargo Nets
Clevis Grab Hook
Clevis Slip Hook
Lashing Turnbuckle
Load Binders
Ratchet Tensioner and Load Strap
Truck Winches
Weld On Transport Rings
Adjustable Mobile A Frame Gantry Kits
Fixed A Frame Gantry Kits
Mobile A Frame Gantry Kits
Bulk Bag Lifting Frame
Cable Drum Lifters
Column Mounted Jib Cranes
Forklift Extension Boom
Lift And Carry Gantries
Lifting Beams
Locking Grabs
Pallet Crane Fork
Scissor Rail Lifters
Spreader Beams
Cast Iron
Phosphor Bronze
Metals Other
Tapping and Threading
Endmills Cutters Reamers Countersinks
Lathe and CNC Tools
Lever Blocks
Lever Puller
Hand Winches
Maxiwinch Tirfor
Motorized Winches
Winch Snatch Blocks
Wire Grips
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The late Mr Jeff Crampton and his wife, Norma Crampton, originally started Lift and Shift in 2001, building the solid foundations of our business with their valuable technical and business knowledge and experience.

In 2006, Samantha de Man (Crampton) joined forces with her parents and her husband, Andries de Man, joined the strong family structure in 2011. Andries is in charge of all sales and technical requests whilst Samantha runs the admin and finance department.


We have two valuable technicians / general labourers in our workshop who understand the importance of keeping our customers happy and providing a positive service and product to them.

We have a friendly, competent counter sales team who aim to give the best possible solutions and advice to our clients.

An external sales representative is part of our ongoing service to the client. We currently promote and deliver our products in Nelspruit, White River, Sabie, Graskop, Hazyview, Malelane, Komatipoort, Barberton and Lydenburg.


Lift and Shift has a valid BEE Certificate which is readily available on request.


We are registered on the Central Supplier Database as New Heights 1244 CC T/A Lift and Shift.

Our CSD Number is MAAA0087795


About Us